Principal Investigators
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Simon R Schultz, DPhil FIET FRSB

Reader in Neurotechnology
Director, Imperial College Centre for Neurotechnology (on leave 2016/17)

Visiting Fellow, Jesus College Oxford and MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit (2016/17)

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Amanda J Foust, PhD

Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow.

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Lab Technician

Yu Liu
Postdoctoral Researchers

Subhojit Chakraborty
Mary Ann Go
PhD Students

Luca Annecchino
Silvia Ardila Jimenez
Kit Cheung
Stefania Garasto
Susanna Mitolo
Tomaso Muzzu
Stephanie Reynolds
Renaud Schuck
Marie Tolkiehn
Peter Quicke
Christian Martin
Carl Lubba
Gerald Moore

(joint with W Luk)
(joint with AA Bharath)

(joint with A Faisal)
(joint with
PL Dragotti)

EPSRC CDT Student, with T Knöpfel, M Neil
Wellcome-NIH PhD Student, with B Averbeck, NIH
MRes Students

Jeevan Soor

Giuseppe Gava

MRes Neurotechnology (CDT), supervisors A Foust, M Neil, S Schultz
MRes Neurotechnology (CDT), supervisors S Schultz, D Dupret (Oxford)

Fernando Montani
Aman Saleem
Elena Phoka
Phil Bream
Yuri Shiogai
John Apergis-Schoute
Isabel Delgado Ruz
Aleksandra Berditchevskaia
Jiaying Tang
Caroline Copeland
Sarah Jarvis
Romain Cazé

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PhD 2013
PhD 2015
PhD 2015
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